Applications are first step to potential property tax relief

    All resident property owners in the Great Valley School Districtreceived applications to qualify their properties as homesteads or farmsteads.Pennsylvania's law, the Homeowner Property Tax Relief Act, requires that this application be sent.It will serve as a means for resident property owners to become qualified for property tax relief should their districts decide to participate in the new state property tax relief program.

    In order for a property owner to qualify and receive a property tax reduction, two things must occur:1) the homestead/farmstead application must be filed with the County Assessment Office and 2) the application must be approved.Property owners will receive notification of the approval or denial of their application from the County Assessment Office. In order to qualify for any potential tax relief in the 2007-2008 school year, applications had to be filed by March 1, 2007. Residents may still file an application for future years.

    Questions concerning the completion of the homestead/farmstead application may be directed to the Chester County Assessment Office at 610-344-4570. For more information about Act 1 and the Great Valley Citizens' Tax Study Commission, please use the links on the left side of this page, or call (610) 889-2100.