• 7th Grade Social Studies

    These links are  to supplement the curriculum of the title Grade Social Studies Department. To access the link click on the tittles that appears above the description. Enjoy!!

    This week/Today in History

    The word "history" translated into German is  "Geschichte" and in French it it translated "l'histoire". Not surprisingly,
    these words also mean "story". Check out this link and see what happened years ago this week and try to wonder how their story has impacted your life.

    Ever-changing Political Landscape  
    My family comes from the Alsace-Lorraine region of France. This is just across the Rhine River. Depending on who won what war we were either French or German. I thought that being a map maker would be a great job because  boarders were always changing; new countries appeared while other were split. Check out this site to see the ever-changing frontiers.
    Cuban Missile Crisis
    At midday, and again in the early evening of October 16, 1962, John F. Kennedy called together a group of his closest advisers at the White House. Late the night before, the CIA had produced detailed photo intelligence identifying Soviet nuclear missile installations under construction on the island of Cuba, some ninety miles off the Florida coast; now the president and his men confronted the dangerous decision of how the United States should respond. Many of these documents and tapes have been declassified. Click the title which will bring you to primary documents and interesting links:

    Declassified Documents from U.S. Russian, Cuban and East German Archives

    Audio clips ...hear the actual voices of President Kennedy, his brother Robert, and other advisers during meetings of the President's Executive Committee
    Photo clips ...taken by U-2 spy planes and U.S. Navy low-level reconnaissance aircraft in October-November 1962 used to brief President Kennedy and his advisers
    U.S. and Soviet Naval Encounters During the Cuban Missile Crisis   read the Captain's logs and see the photos taken by the Soviets and American Navy

    JFK Explore the science and evidence behind one
    of the most controversial events in American history. You'll find the Warren Commission Report, Links to articles, media libraries as well as research conducted by leading scientists, forensics experts on all sides of the issues

    national archives 
    The President John F. Kennedy  Assassination Records Collection 

    Explore the JFK records, The Warren Commission's Report, The Assassinations Records Review Board, The House Select Committee on Assassinations Files,  as well as research tools and photos of assassination artifacts housed in the National Archives in Washington D.C

    History in the Making/Fact Checking Current Events

    In this cyberguide, students will monitor current events and will use multiple resources to gather information for research, critically evaluate the content and perspective of news stories, use data to make inferences and support arguments and use data to evaluate other people's arguments.
    Economics 101

    This site, produced by EcEduweb explores and defines economic concepts such as scarcity, choice, markets, producers, consumption, supply and demand, etc. while providing lesson links to online activities, games and tutorials based on historical examples.