Learning to play a musical instrument is like learning to read and speak a different language. What we see on a sheet of music to some people looks like just ink on a page. To others it represents harmony and creativity. Check the links below to learn or gain a deeper understanding of what is found on that sheet of music.

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    who were working on a Music Merit Badge. Thank you


    Music theory is the foundation of music, including the complex language that is interpreted to make melodious sounds. Understanding music theory involves reading music and the notations and phrases needed to write or play music. Although children need to spend time reading literature, working on math problems, and playing outside on playground equipment, a well-rounded education should also include music. Music education enhances language development and stimulates the brain to work harder, which often raises a student's IQ.

    vcuWelcome to the home of the VCU Music Theory program. Feel free to browse these pages and use whatever materials you may find useful. Visit the Worksheet Warehouse to view or download practice work (and answer sheets!) on scales, intervals, triads, figured bass, harmonization of melodies, and much more. On Anthology Avenue you will find audio files and provocative questions relating to Music for Analysis, an anthology of music excerpts used in our theory curriculum. Click on the Resources button to find a potpourri of lessons, drills, downloads and links to other excellent music theory web sites


    Hi, I'm Kirk Lorange. I'm a self-taught player who first picked up a guitar in 1961 and I've been playing professionally since 1969, both in the studio and onstage. I created this site in 2000.

    Guitar Tricks

    Getting started learning guitar can be frustrating - real frustrating. At Guitar Tricks we have been teaching online guitar lessons for 12 years. So we know what works...and what doesn't. Our third generation guitar course - Guitar Fundamentals - will teach you everything you need to know from the ground up. This program has been tested by thousands of guitarists to be easy, step-by-step and most of all - complete

    Music Theory Flash Cards: Note Names
    These music flashcards help you to learn the notes on the musical staff. Select from the treble clef, bass clef, alto clef, tenor clef, or all of the above!

    Rick Adam's Music Theory Exercises
    Explore the fundamentals of music in animated lessons. Create custom exercises to improve your recognition of intervals.Use interactive tools to calculate notes, intervals and chords in a specific key. http://www.musictheory.net/trainers/html/id82_en.html 

    Learn to Read Music on a Treble Clef and Bass Clef
    Play this interactive game to check your knowledge of music .
    http://www.theviolincase.com/flashcards/index.htm (Treble)
    http://www.theviolincase.com/bass/flashcards/index.htm (Bass)

    Printable Violin Scales and Music
    Here are some scales and a few pieces of music written by violin teachers for their students. These can be freely copied for non-commercial use as long as the author's name and copyright information remains intact.

    Build a Major Scale
    Try your hand at building a major scale using this interactive.

    Guitar Note Flashcards
    These flash cards help you to train yourself to find guitar notes in the first position quickly after seeing them on the musical staff. Look at a flash card, then quickly envision where it is on the guitar fretboard (the diagram shows the first 4 frets of the guitar as though it were sitting in your lap). Click on the cards to see if you are correct!

    Linkware Graphics.
    Check out this new line of free, printable music flash cards, handouts, and worksheets! Great for music teachers, educators, students, and anyone looking for helpful music learning tools and teaching aids. Created by a music professional and graphics expert, you'll find careful attention to detail in each of the printable flash cards, handouts, and worksheets - especially for music professionals who know the difference and for anyone who appreciates high quality music graphics.