• A Matter of State
    Prior to this lesson, students should have been introduced to the notion that matter may go through different phase changes. They should be familiar with solids, liquids, and gases. They should also understand that temperature plays an important role in what state a particular type of matter is found. They should understand that heating and cooling a system can impact the phase of that matter. This lesson helps students begin to move from the fundamental concept of solid, liquid, and gas to the reasoning for why the states exist under given conditions.

    Putting the Ice in Hockey
    Have you ever slipped on ice or tried to pick up an ice cube only to have it slip out of your fingers? Imagine what the sport of hockey and ice-skating would be like if ice was not as slippery as it is. What do you think causes ice to be slippery? What happens to the ice in hockey arenas as the temperature changes?
    Click here to find out the science about matter and hockey rinks http://www.exploratorium.edu/hockey/index.html 
    Here is the worksheet to go with the activity. Science of Ice hockey Worksheet 

    Leonardo's Machines
    Using the Exploring Leonardo student E-Sheet and student sheet, you can explore a variety of resources that will help you refine your definition of a machine. Before students explore the resource, pose the question, "What is a machine?"

    Welcome to British and Metric Conversions

    The metric system provides a universal language for measurement that can be understood regardless of where you are from or what language you speak. The United States, however, has not completely embraced the metric system, and so many items in the U.S. are still measured in English units, which are sometimes also called British units

    This Conversion Chart will be a great help in your navigation between our

    system and theirs.