• This Section will be devoted to enrichment in the field of Science. Activities and Readings are aligned to match the current 6th & 7th Grade Science Curriculums There will be a section for general useful sites that pertain to Science Studies.

    Behind the Mission to Mercury

    Perhaps the best way to become familiar with the nature of engineering and design is to do some. By participating in such activities, students should learn how to analyze situations and gather relevant information, define problems, generate and evaluate creative ideas, develop their ideas into tangible solutions, and assess and improve their solutions. To become good problem solvers, students need to develop drawing and modeling skills along with the ability to record their analysis, suggestions, and results in clear language. Though this lesson stands on its own, it would complement other science studies in the areas of space science, geology, design, and technology.

    Have you ever wanted to play with liquid nitrogen, but didn't happen to have any lying around the house? No problem! We did the experiments and filmed them for your viewing pleasure! We hope you'll get a charge out of these shocking experiments!
    Have you ever wanted to do an experiment using radioactive materials but didn't happen to have your own supply of sources, scintillators and photomultiplier tubes? Now, you can use our equipment to do an experiment to measure the half-life of barium-137m!

    Welcome to British and Metric Conversions

    The metric system provides a universal language for measurement that can be understood regardless of where you are from or what language you speak. The United States, however, has not completely embraced the metric system, and so many items in the U.S. are still measured in English units, which are sometimes also called British units

    This Conversion Chart will be a great help in your navigation between our

    system and thiers.

    Learn about DNA

    In this Web site, you will learn how DNA was discovered and how it functions. You will see how the ability to study whole genomes has revolutionized the study of DNA. You also will learn how this information gives scientists the means to manipulate DNA, enabling the discovery and production of new drugs and better food -- and creating new and unexpected controversies over how this technology will shape our lives and our future

    A World of Myths
    How did past civilizations explain natural phenomena?
    In this lesson, students will explore how myths help to explain nature and science. Students will read, discuss, and respond in writing to a variety of myths. They will then create a graphic representation of one of those myths.

    The Astronomy Cafe

    astronlar FAQs in my new book Back to the Astronomy Cafe. These answers have produced over 1,000,000 page web page is located at the Astronomy Cafe

    Do you have a question about astronomy and space science? You've come to the right place. At this site Dr. Sten Odenwald has an archive of thousands of questions that visitors have sent him since August 1995.

    Dr. Odenwald has also collected 365 of the all-time most popular FAQs in my new book Back to the Astronomy Cafe. These answers have produced over 1,000,000 page requests since 1995!