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     Welcome to my French web site. You will find a variety of sites that deal with French Culture.  (Visit the sites for the Louvre)  You can play French Games i. You could explore French Newspapers and Media  For those of you who like to travel you can visit France Travel Information  or for sites in Paris. Do you like to shop? Visit the sites I have for Online shopping. There you can visit designer boutiques in Paris.  Like to cook? I have various sites for French food.There you can find great recipes 

    How about sites to help you with school? I have sites for
    French Literature  French Art  and French History  Having trouble with Vocabulary & Grammar visit this site and scroll to the bottom  of the page to find your link. Can't find the meaning of a word ? You can go to find a French Dictionary or Translation  site
    (One thing about translators or dictionaries. Always cross reference the word you get. Do not always accept the first one that comes along. You may find a false cognate or something that doesn't fit.