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    Welcome to John Snyder's web page. I teach Intro to German and  German 1 at GVMS. I am also the Director of Athletics at GVMS.

    To the left ,you will find links that pertain to German 1 and Intro to German specifically. These links include homework as well as a library of documents used in class or for self help.Also listed are also pages for self help in grammar,vocabulary and games in general. 

    Under the Media page you will find links to various German and Austrian publications as well as German radio and TV stations. Those of you who speak a language other than English can find links to your homeland.

    As a subpage to this STARTSEITE or home page you will find tabs that link us to German customs which are enjoyed in the coming weeks. There are plenty of recipies for German food, songs to sing and games that can be played . Enjoy

    Our German Classes wrote German Chancellor Dr. Merkel a "Gute Besserungkarte" Get Well card to lift her spirits after she broke her pelvis during a skiing accident in the Swiss Alps. We also made her an "Ehrenmitgliederin" (honorary member) of our ski club

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    You will also find a large cache of resources under the "General Studies" tab. This tab contains reference sites to almost everything.... Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, Enrichment, Organization and Study skills. Also there are sites for online review games and PSSA Prep. Feel free to dive in.

    I look forward to a great year. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at
    610 644 6440 ext.71121 or contact me at

    Mit Freundlichen Grűβen

    Herr John Snyder