Large Objects on Buses  


    The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation mandates in 67 PA Code 171.58, that the interior of a school bus must be free of objects which could cause injury.  Objects must be secured and the emergency exits open and free of blockage.  The following must be adhered to at all times:

    1.      Large musical instruments or school project items are not permitted on the bus unless they can be held on the pupil’s lap.

    2.      Items may not be placed under the seats as they could become projectiles upon impact.

    3.      Nothing may be carried on the bus that will endanger others, i.e. glass objects, hockey sticks, skis, sledding equipment, skateboards, large metal objects, etc.

    4.      Animals are not permitted on the bus.

    Nothing can be placed in the driver’s compartment, doorway or aisle.  In case of an accident, students must be able to exit from the windows and doors.