• 8th Grade Art




    8th grade begins with an illustration project.
    We learn about illustrations and brainstorm a word in
    which each letter is illustrated. Each student creates
    their own illustration.
    Pacing: We will be working on this for two weeks.
    M.C. Escher, Two Point Perspective and
    We will study M.C. Escher's multiple perspective drawings and tessellations. Each student will design a uniquely themed city using two-point perspective. We will also learn and draw a modified tessellation.
    Pacing: We will be working on these projects for three weeks.


    Penrose Triangle
    Penrose, Roger, The Impossible Triangle 
    Homer, Winslow, Prisoners From the Front
    Homer, Winslow, Prisoners From the Front, 1866, Oil on Canvas  
    Andrew Wyeth
    and Landscape Painting
    We also learn about the artwork of  Pennsylvania artist, Andrew Wyeth. We will learn various painting techniques and paint an original landscape painting.
    Pacing: We will be working on this for three weeks.
    sketch pads
    Students will be drawing rough drafts, taking notes, and answering questions throughout all the studio projects.