• Middle School Best Book Recommendations

    Please note these are STUDENT recommendations of best books. You may find more information on their ratings at Amazon.com



    Walk Two Moons. Creech, Sharon. This book is really funny and really touching. It's a good story & really makes you think. - Laura M. gr 8

    HolesLouis Sachar This book is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats. He has been punished for supposedly stealing shoes from a store. He has been sent to a prison-like camp for kids and he must survive there for a few years by bartering for food. I would recommend this book because it is a very good story of how a regular city kid learns how to adapt to a new surrounding with few friends to look after him. If you read Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli, youwould enjoythis book. Brendan M Grade: 6

    Julie of the Wolves. Jean Craighead George. Julie of the Wolves is about a girl named Julie (Miyax) who gets lost on the arctic tundra in Alaska. She meets up with a pack of wolves that gives her food to survive, but when they leave her, can she make it on her own? If you have read Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen, you will enjoy Julie of the Wolves, by Jean Craighead George. - Dan S, gr.6

    All American Girl, Cabot, Meg, When Samantha Madison saves the President from an assassination attempt, she soon becomes the U.S. Teen Ambassador. Now she must handle the fame and try to get her older sister's boyfriend to like her. If you read The Princess Diaries you would enjoy this book. - Pattie O gr 7

    The Sisterhood of Traveling PantsAuthor: Ann Brashare. Ann Brashares tells the story of 4 girls that find these magic pants that fit them all perfectly! The wrong idea in a pond, a major crush, a dad getting remarried, and a girl who becomes friends with a lukeimia patient, this will all happen and more in tis book! If you read All American Girl you will love this book! Caroline H. Grade 7

    StargirlJerry Spinelli Who is that? The new girl. Stargirl is an odd girl and isn't afraid to show it. Once Stargirl becomes popular, everybody wants to be her. Then out of nowhere her reputation crashes. See how Stargirl trys to be normal! If you have read any funny, exciting book you couldn't put down the Stargirl is your kind of book. : CarolineH. Grade 7

    Classic Treasure Island. Stevenson, Robert L. The most kick-butt story ever; adventure; fast read. - Andrew M. gr 7

    Artemis FowlEoin Colfer. Artemis Fowl is a twelve year old child prodigy and a criminal mastermind. He has a plan to recover his billionaire status that could topple the planet as we know it and plunge it into cross-species war... It has action packed chapters that will keep you up at night and has an unpredictable ending that will make you want to read the next two books in this series. - Lynn M gr. 6

    The Wish ListEoin Colfer This book is about the spirit of a girl who had been a perfect balance of good and evil in life, and has been sent back to help the last man she wronged if she wants to go to heaven. Meanwhile, Satan is looking for a creative sinner and has sent her partner in crime as an undead half-man, half-dog combination to lure her to evil. You would like this if you read The Artemis Fowl series.Sam D Grade 6

    Molly Moon's Incredible Book Of Hypnotism. Georgia Byng. Molly Moon's life is miserable at an orphanage. But when she comes by a book on hypnotism, her world turns into a life of luxury. But there is a shadowed thief trying to steal her secret. --- I would strongly recommend this book because it has humor and it is an easy reader. It is very suspenseful and it has a happy ending. If you read the Harry Potter series you would enjoy this book. Matthew P - gr.6

    Olivia KidneyEllen Potter. Olivia loses her key to her apartment, and she meets all different kinds of people in her apartment that day. This all happens while she is waiting for her father, the superintendent of the building. I recommend it because it is not like many other books that have predictable endings. ~ If you read Alice in Wonderland you would enjoy this book. Olivia G - Grade 6

    Carnivorous Carnival,Snicket, Lemony, There is a lion pit at the carnival. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny dress up as freaks for a freak show. Violet and Klaus are disguised and almost get eaten. There is action on every page. If you read the 1st- 8th books of Unfortunate Events you would enjoy this book. - Taylor P gr 7

    The Slippery Slope, Snicket, Lemony, When the Baudelaires thought that all of their troubles were gone, until the evil Count Olaf stole the youngest Baudelaire. (Sunny) Now they must search the Mortmain Mountains for their sister. If you read the series of Unfortunate Events you would enjoy this book. - Pattie O gr 7

    Island(series of 3) Author: Gordon Korman. All three books were easy to read and very exciting. You have to read all three to get the whole story. Six kids are stranded on a remote island off the coast of Guam. They struggle together to get food and survive. Chrissy B, gr.8

    Among the HiddenHaddix, Margaret Peterson. Luke Gardner is an illegal child (in that country) who must hide for his life. Eventually he gets pushed with a choice to gian his freedom or to remain in hiding.Cool because it's very suspenseful & you never know what will happen next. - Robert R gr.7

    Historical When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, Kerr, Judith, Ana's family must move from country to country to find a safe place to live. Hitler is taking over the world when Ana's family is struggling to survive. This book is so suspenseful. If you read Number the Stars you would enjoy this book. - Pattie O gr 7


    The Westing Game.Raskin, Ellen. Best mystery EVER! I've read it 5x & every time I find something new. - Laura M, gr 8

    The Ninth KeyMeg Cabot (pen name is Jenny Carroll) This is a great, adventurous,mysterious book. It is based on a Sussahnna Simon who is a mediator ( a person who can see, feel, smell, taste, and hear ghosts). In the night, a ghost comes screaming in theSussahnna's room telling her thatshe has to tell "Red" that he didn't kill her. She goes through an adventure trying to find out who "Red" is. When I was reading this book it was so exciting that I couldn't put the down. If you read Shadowland (the first bookof the series), or The All American Girlyou will enjoy this book. Cassia P - Grade 6

    From The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, Koningsburg, E.L., This book was a page-turner. It kept me on the edge of the seat. If you read The View From Saturday you would enjoy this book. - Erin D. gr 7

    Sammy Keyes and the Art of Deception, Wendelin Van Draanen. This book was great! I also like the series. This one is about how Sammy goes to an art museum with a friend, but gets involved with a murder mystery and burglary after chasing down a robber at the museum. Sammy gets head over heals in every mystery! If you read The Sammy Keyes Seriesyou would enjoy this book. -- Jessie C, gr.6

    Science Fiction The City of Ember, DuPrau, Jeanne. At the age of 12 all kids get a job in the city. The city is powered by a huge generator. Without the generator the lights will go out and the world will be dark forever. The huge store houses that seemed would never run out are now dangerously low. Is there a way out of Ember, a world of light beyond? If you read Eva Ibbotson, you would enjoy this book. - Veronica D. gr 7
    Thriller Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales, Jacques, Brian, This scary set of horror mystery short stories is so freaky! People die, get murdered, lie, and other horror stories. Spooky! If you read The Scary Stories books you would enjoy this book. - Pattie O gr 7

    So Far from the Bamboo Grove. Watkins, Yoko. Autobiography of a World War 2 survivor - Laura M, gr 8

    Knots in My Yo-yo String. Jerry Spinelli. A best selling children's author reveals an adventured filled childhood that leaves you laughing. Mr. Spinelli enjoyed horsing around when he was younger, in fact he did not even enjoy reading. This autobiography is very well written and funny!! If you read Maniac Magee you would enjoy this book. - Mrs. Freeman

    Poetry Falling Up, Silverstein, Shel, It is a collection of fun poems that will brighten up your day. I recommend this book for all ages. If you read Shel Silverstein you would enjoy this book. - Erin D. gr 7

    Chicken Soup For Teenage Soul, Confeild, Jack, A self-help book for teens that compiles stories. If you read Chicken Soup you would enjoy this book. - Erin D. gr 7

    The Secret Ship, Kluger, Ruth and Mann, Peggy, It tells about a young girls adventure with a secret organization. I enjoyed it a lot, especially for girls. - Erin D. gr 7