NJHS Symbol

    The Great Valley Middle School 

    is the 

    Ed Off Memorial Chapter 

    of the 

    National Junior Honor Society



    Congratulations to the newly elected NJHS Officers for 2021 - 2022!


    President:  Shayla Bergen

    Vice President:  Neava Jagtap

    Secretary: Grace Curtis

    Treasurer:  Gayathri Haridas


    NJHS is holding an Art Competition for the week of March 22nd(next week). Students can submit any hand-drawn piece of their choice and theme. All grades are able to participate, and one winner will be picked per grade. The winning submissions will be posted on the NJHS Instagram page, as well as being framed in the GVMS hallways. Submissions are going to be accepted from March 22nd until April 2nd. All artwork is to be submitted as a photo into a Padlet, which can be found on the school website under the NJHS tab. Have fun!


    In case the Padlet links are needed:

    6th Grade- https://padlet.com/agopivallabha25/4b66sxgcpwag50lz

    7th Grade- https://padlet.com/svereddigari25/qddjblu5b1osedzt

    8th Grade- https://padlet.com/cwu253/smbq4atbeas8482t




    NJHS Tutoring Program 
    The tutoring program run during 8th period is our biggest service to our school.  If you are available during period 8 (not in a music ensemble or Student Council or other previously scheduled club) you will be assigned to tutor by Mrs. Search in room 102.   As requests from teachers and students are made you will be matched up with one or more students in need of academic support.  The teacher requesting the tutor will help you make a plan to help the student(s) and you will work with the students' teachers to support him/her any way you can.  You will receive a new schedule detailing the day and location that tutoring is taking place, but you will want to stop in room 102 prior to the start of your tutoring assignment (before school or lunch work well) to get the information on the student and subject.  Don't worry, you will be able to help your fellow students and have a good time in the process!  Please see the NJHS Tutoring Update  letter sent out through school wires for more details.
    If you are interested in being set up with a peer tutor from the NJHS, please clilck on the Tutoring Form, complete and return to Mrs. Search either in her mailbox or in room 102.
    Service Projects
    We will meet as a group to outline the year, but we are always interested in your ideas for service projects that the NJHS can be involved with as a whole.  Check back to see what activities we will be involved in.
    Each year there are two Inductions for members into the Ed Off Memorial Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society.  In spring 7th grade students whose candidacy have been accepted are inducted and in winter 8th grade students whose candidacy have been accepted are inducted.  To be eligible to receive a letter of candidacy a student needs to have maintained a GPA of 3.75.  Students will receive there letter of candidacy during the school day, most commonly at lunch, from their guidance counselor.  Any student with a specific question about eligibilty should please contact your guidance counselor or Mrs. Search at annsearch@gvsd.org. The Induction Ceremony dates are listed on the district calendar each year.
    General Membership Meetings will be held before school at least 2 times this year.  It is your responsibility as members to listen for announcements and make the meetings.  The officers will meet once a cycle during lunch, on day 4.  As we get involved with more projects we will invite members to join us for those lunches to help with the planning and implementation of our work.  Check here or in Mrs. Search's room or listen to the announcements for information.