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    • Submitting Information to the Great Valley School District
      Options and Guidelines for Community Organizations
      The Great Valley School District is a partner in the community. Therefore, we are happy to help your organization network with parents and students. We ask that you follow the guidelines below when submitting your information. Please note that all submissions require the prior approval of the Superintendent.
      To request approval from the Superintendent, please email your request and a sample to: may also be faxed to Jennifer Blake at (610) 889-2120. Please include a contact name, email, and phone number so that we can follow-up on your request.
      Once your request has been approved, the following guidelines apply:
      Great Valley will not publish information from "for-profit" organizations on its website, or on GVTV. We also do not sell space in our publications. With prior approval from the Superintendent, "for-profit" organizations may supply up to 50 flyers to each school building for placement in the office.
      The following options exist for non-profit organizations within the Great Valley community. Your organization may take advantage of one or both of the options, however all submissions must be received no later than 2 weeks prior to your event.

      Community Events/Activities Page of Web Site: The Great Valley School District offers a page on its website that provides families with information about upcoming events and opportunities in the community.

      • Information for the webpage must be provided via email, as part of the email message or as an attachment.
      • Links to your organization's website may be included.
      • A contact name and telephone number (to be published) must be provided.
      • Submissions are limited to 250 words or less.

      2. GVTV:Community organizations may submit information to be used as part of the scrolling bulletin board on GVTV (Channel 14).

      • Information must be submitted as a Power Point slide (size = 11.2 x 6.6)
      • Please do not include animations or sounds.
      • You may include photos or logos.
      • Use large text (at least 28 pt).
      • You may use up to 3 slides for your information.
      • Please save your slides with a name that indicates the number in which they should run (i.e.: Art1, Art2, Art3).
      • Email the completed slides to Be sure to include your name, the organization or club name, when you would like the slide(s) to begin airing, and when the information should stop airing.
      • For more information, please see the GVTV page.