• Parent/Teacher Conferences

    Twice a year, in November and March, we have scheduled time for parent/teacher conferences. However, the middle school structure and philosophy encourages and allows opportunities for parents to meet with staff throughout the school year, not just during the days set aside for conferences. Many parents are satisfied with the feedback they receive through the report card and from monitoring the daily assignments. As a result they do not feel a need for a teacher conference.

    If you have a concern regarding a specific class, please call the teacher's voice mail (610-644-6442, ext. 3) for a call back or appointment to meet, or e-mail the teacher (via Family Access or our Website staff directory), rather than waiting for a team conference.

    Ways to communicate with our teachers throughout the school year
    • Call your child's counselor (610-644-6442 ext.3) to schedule a conference with the team (major subject teachers).
    • Call an individual teacher's voice mail (610-644-6442 ext.3) for a call back or appointment to meet.
    • E-mail a teacher through the school's Website, staff directory, or Family Access.