• Teens, Adults, and Communication

    The talented and gifted English class at the James Madison Memorial High School in Madison, Wisconsin, was assigned the task of listing ways in which adults could improve communication with teens. Here"s what they came up with.

    1. Don't pressure us to achieve all the time. Remind us from time to time to slow down or goof off.

    2. Praise us if we do okay. Sometimes it seems like nothing we do is good enough.

    3. Tell us you love us, even if we act like we don't want to hear it.

    4. Be honest with us. Sooner or later, we will find out the truth, and it makes us feel dumb if we were lied to.

    5. Don't yell!  Nothing makes us want to fight back more.

    6. Let us form our own opinions about some things. Chances are, they'll be a lot like yours.

    7. If we have a major problem, help us solve it, don't solve it for us. Otherwise, we'll never learn how to function as  adults.

    8. Give us a chance to disagree with you without telling us that we're "talking back."

    9. We love to hear about when we were little, and we like to hear about your teenage years as well. These stories don't always have to teach a lesson--they're fun.

    10. Never stop talking to us. You are the only ones we can count on for reassurance and love.