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    Ongoing Projects

    The assignments listed below were created in order to teach students time management, how to prioritize work and (of course) core content concepts.  Each will have a specific due date and one letter grade will be deducted for each day it is handed in late unless an accommodation is warranted.
    Social Studies Unit Work
    To assist in the comprehension and retention of key social studies concepts, students are responsible for knowing and understanding key vocabulary terms, completing unit projects, engaging in classroom discussions, and (most importantly) discussing subjects with family members to help gain other perspectives.
    Science Journal
    Our science curriculum is based upon scientific inquiry with lab observations.  For most daily observations, a science journal entry will be completed. 
    Literature Log/Reader's Response Journal
    Lit logs are reading response journals.  Students are expected to read a selected section of individually chosen novels, and write a guided response in their lit log.  Students will be placed into groups to share and discuss their lit logs with classmates.  It is essential that everyone completes their assignment in order for their group to have a complete and valuable discussion.
    Information Quest (I.Q.)
    Information quests are designed as mini research reports.  Topics are chosen as a class and research is begun at school.  After the initial research session, students have two weeks to create:
    -one page of notes using sentence fragments
    -a sloppy copy
    -a final draft when written in ink or typed
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