5th Grade at a Glance

    This year's curriculum will include an inquiry-based approach to instruction.  The three main units of study are:
    • Ecology- ecosystems, conservation, habitats, niches
    • Earth Science- geology, landforms, weathering
    • Space- exploration, constellations, solar systems, galaxies, properties of the universe
    Social Studies:
    • The age of inventions
    • Immigration
    • The Progressive era
    • World War I
    • The Roaring 20s
    • The Great Depression
    • World War II
    • The Civil Rights movement
    • The Cold War
    Math:  see secondary page
    The workshop model is used to guide students through various genres at their "just right" level.  Reading strategies and language skills will be emphasized throughout.
    The workshop method is used to instruct a variety of units of study (personal narrative, theses writing, memoir, etc.) as well as grammar.  Students journal in their "writer's notebook" and then learn to take their "seed stories" from draft form to a published document.  With this instruction method, students are working as true authors.
    Oral Presentations:
    Fifth graders have many opportunities, both formal and informal, to practice their oral speaking skills.
    • Human growth and development
    • AIDS education