Special Education

  • All public schools of Chester County, Pennsylvania provide special education and related service to resident children with disabilities who are ages three through twenty-one. The purpose of this notice is to describe (1) the types of disabilities that might qualify the child for such programs and services, (2) the special education programs and related services that are available, (3) the process by which the public schools screen and evaluate such students to determine eligibility, and (4) the special rights that pertain to such children and their parents or legal guardians.

    Notice of Special Education Services for Resident Children 


For More Information

  • The Notice of Special Education Services for Resident Children on this website is only a summary of the special education services, evaluation and screening activities, and rights and protections pertaining to children with disabilities, children thought to be disabled, and their parents. For more information or to request evaluation or screening of a public or private school child contact the building principal or Office of Special Education at (610) 889-2125, ext. 52113.