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       3/27  Prepare for the test tomorrow.  Know the terms and the results of the experiments we have done in class. If you were absent and have seen the experiments on the ipad, ask to see them again if needed.  
        Prep Questions      
     Can you explain what a dome is?  Do you know about water vapor,  condensation, evaporation?  When would something expand or contract?  Know each of the outcomes of the experiments we have done.  Paper towel, paper, waxed paper and aluminum foil.  How to make a thermometer, water on a slope. Know all information on the remaining experiment sheet. Do you know the difference between different objects and density? 






    Customary Measurement
    1 gallon ziploc bag
    1 large ziploc bag
    1 quart ziploc bag (heavy duty)
    1 small ziploc bag
    4 cups ice
    1/4 cup salt ( I used rock salt, but you can use Kosher)
    1 cup half and half or light cream 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 tablespoons sugar cups and spoons
    1. Pour the milk, vanilla extract, and sugar into the small ziploc bag. Squeeze as much air out as possible and seal the bag carefully.
    2. Place the small ziploc bag down into the large bag. Cover with the ice and salt. Seal the large bag tightly.
    3. Shake, toss, and flip the “ice cream machine” for 5 to 10 minutes. If the bag gets too cold to handle, wrap it with a towel or pass it from person to person. Don’t open the large bag to check the ice cream because it may not seal properly afterwards.
    4. Open both bags and spoon the ice cream into small cups.
    Flavor variations:
    1. Substitute other extract flavors for the vanilla.
    2. Omit the vanilla and half the sugar. Add strawberry or chocolate syrup to the milk mixture.