writing We will be writing about many different things this year.  Think of all the cool experiences you have had this summer and keep them in your mind.  We have different forms of writing you will be exposed to this year.  This is one of my favorite subjects and I hope you come to develop wonderful writing skills!
    Decorate your writing journal so it represents you! Soccer, dance, animals, etc.

                                                    How to Write a Poem


    Begin with this:

    Forget it, you must be kidding,

    I can’t write a poem.

    Then list excuses why you can’t write a poem here.  List at least seven excuses to make the poem.


      I think my hand is numb

      My foot is throbbing with pain

    If I don’t get a drink I think I will die

    Then end with something like this-

    Times up? Oh, no!

    Wait, do you like it? Really?

    Would you like to hear another?