• math
     5/30 Please do workbook pg. 219
      Dreambox is up and running.  A great way to learn and retain your facts.  I will be checking next week to see who has gone on Dreambox.
        Think Central is where you can locate math pages and workbook pages.
    Go onto and follow all log in procedures.
    1.   Highlight thinkcentral 2. log-in by using Ex. username -swebster28gvsd  3. Password St270499
     You can go into math in focus manipulatives or if you have left your math workbook in class and have an assignment, go into resources following the log-in. Locate the third grade workbook.  It looks just like your workbook that you use.
    Links to Help with your Learning
    1. Think Central link
    2. Kid’s Numbers link
    3. Adapted Mind link
    4. Math Playground link
    5. Singapore Math link


    1. Kid’s Numbers Long Division link
    2. Academic Skill Builders Demolition Division link
    3. Dad’s Worksheets Long Division Worksheets link
    4. Sum Sense Division link

    Addition and Subtraction

    1. Interactivemaths Addition and Subtraction link
    2. Thinking Blocks Addition link
    3. Properties of Addition link
    4. Soft Schools Addition Game link
    5. Minus Mission link

    Base Ten

    1. ABCYA Base Ten Fun link
    2. Learningbox Base Ten link


    1. Math Playground Space Racer Multiplication link
    2. Multiplication Word Problems link
    3. Multiplication Games link


    1. ABAB link
    2. Congruent Triangles link
    3. Toon University link
    4. Internet 4 Classrooms link
    5. AAA Math Estimation link
    6. Fact Family Village link
    7. AAA Math link
    8. Elapsed Time link
    9. Mr. Nussbaum Fraction link
    10. IXL Third Grade Math link


    1. Counting Money and Coins link
    2. Fun Brain Change Maker link


    1. Crick Web link
    2. Turtle Diary Ordinal Numbers link
    3. Beacon Learning Center link
    4. IXL Learning Third Grade link
    5. Sheppard Software Math Man Mixed Operations link
    6. Fun 4 the Brain link
    7. Pearson link
    8. Houghton Mifflin Math link
    9. Learning Planet Fraction Frenzy link
    10. Free Training Tutorial link
    11. Simple Coordinates Game link
    12. Math Drills link
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