• Why Music?

    Posted by Scott Walter on 11/4/2009 1:00:00 PM
    I am often asked "What do you do in music?" and "So, what do the kids learn?"  I then explain that we sing, move, play, read and more.  However, one question that I find people don't ask is "Why do we have music?" 
    I could go on about all the specific benefits of music, from higher test scores, to emotional/interpersonal intelligence, to spatial reasoning, etc.  But while these are all benefits of music, none answer the larger question of "Why?"  
    For me, there are two simple reasons: 
    1.  Music is everywhere.  It is part of our culture and heritage, and those of other nations.  In this sense it is a pillar of all societies. 
    2.  Music prepares students for life.  Consider the following quote: 
    "Music teaches the 21st century skills that will prepare students for success in the competitive global economy They are: Leadership, Ethics, Adaptability, Working with Others, Independence, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving." 
    To learn more about the specific benefits of music education, please visit my site's "links" page.  Thank you for your time and support.  I wish you and your children much success.
    What we do in music class handout from Back to School Night:  Click here
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