Homework In Room 305

    *If a student misses a homework assignment, they need to fill-out an IOU sheet that goes home and gets signed by a parent. The work needsto be made up at recess time or at home. If a student repeatedly fails to complete their homework, a parent phone call will be made and possibly a parent meeting will be set-up.


    *Each month, everyone gets a clean slate for missed homework. All students who successfully turn in their homework each month will get an extra "Super Student" sticker. Ten of these stickers can earn students a special "Golden Ticket!"


    *Students will also have opportunities throughout the year to do extra credit assignments. If the students do a nice job with extra credit work, they can earn a homework pass. The pass can be used in place of one homework assignment, and only one pass can be used at a time. Homework passes also can not be used the night before a test or when something new has just been taught.


    *Every Friday your child will be bringing home his/her "Friday Folder.” In it, you will find important parent information and student work that I have looked at and am ready to send home. Please take some time to sit down with your child and look over his/her work, before signing the folder under the column marked “signature.” Please feel free to also write notes back to me.J I like to keep open-lines of communication with the parents! The folder then needs to be returned with your child on Monday.