• Homework
    The purpose of homework is to practice skills, extend learning, and develop good work habits.  Homework is not for new learning and should not be a struggle.  Students should be able to complete their assignments on average in thirty minutes.
    Homework Expectations
    1. Read for 20 minutes and fill out home reading log.
    2. Math homework - math journal pages, worksheets, math fact practice, or studying for a test.
    3. Word Work
    4. Reading Comprehension practice
    5. Projects
    6. Study for a test
    Homework I.O.U.s
     If a student misses a homework assignment, then he or she will have to fill out a homework I.O.U and have it signed by a parent or guardian.  The I.O.U. will list what assignments were missed and give a reason for the missed assignments.  The student will have another night to complete the work.  On the second day if the student is still missing the assignments then he or she will have to stay in for recess to complete the work.