• May 19, Concert pieces:

    Cripple Creek (metronome quarter note = 120): Media Player (jwpepper.com) 
    Saturday Night Rock (metronome quarter note = 120):  / ViewPure
    **note we added a repeat from D - G!
    Two Bach Minuets: (metronome quarter note = 108)
    Violin 1st Minuet:  / ViewPure
    Violin 2nd Minuet: / ViewPure
    Viola 1st Minuet: / ViewPure
    Viola 2nd Minuet: / ViewPure
    Cello 1st Minuet: / ViewPure
    Cello 2nd Minuet:  / ViewPure
    Bass 1st Minuet: 
    Bass 2nd Minuet:  

    Rigadoon: (metronome quarter note = 100)
    Violin 1: / ViewPure
    Violin 2: / ViewPure
    Viola: / ViewPure
    Cello: / ViewPure

    May 25, String Fest pieces:

    Don't Stop Believin'Media Player (jwpepper.com)
    Bloosy Woosy (metronome, quarter note = 112) (with drums, without piano part): / ViewPure 
    Bloosy Woosy (with piano part, no drums, a little slower): / ViewPure 
    Ode to Joy: (metronome quarter note = 96)  / ViewPure (violin) and / ViewPure (bass)             


    The District Elementary Orchestra Concert is Thursday, May 19, 2022 at General Wayne Elementary at 7pm. There will be a before-school rehearsal, morning dress rehearsal concert, and evening concert on May 19 at General Wayne Elementary. 

    See letter for more info/details --> May 19 parent letter

    The following week on Wednesday, May 25, 2022 is our fifth annual GVSD Strings Fest.  This day will include a morning rehearsal and evening concert at 7pm outside the GV Middle School with elementary, middle and high school string orchestras.  More details to come!

    Mrs. Joy Deminski                                                                  
    District Elementary Orchestra Director