String Lessons  - How it works.

    Welcome to our String Family!

    Lessons occur for 25 minutes once in every 6 day cycle.  Your child will have an assignment sheet on which the week’s assignment is written.  The other side of this sheet has a daily practice log.  I ask the students to record how many minutes they practice for each lesson.  First year players are expected to practice 75 minutes/week.  Second year players expectation is 100 minutes/week.  Please initial the sheet each week to verify how many minutes your child practiced.  

    Please help your child remember to bring his/her instrument and music book to school on the correct day.  Your child will be given a music folder in which to put the book and handouts.  If there is a snow day on the day of your child’s lesson, they will have the lesson the next day. 

    If your child forgets their instrument, they should come to lessons anyway!  I may have an instrument they can borrow.  If he/she knows they cannot come to a lesson, please let me know ahead of time.

    If you did not purchase a music stand, your child should have a place to set the book that is at eye level while playing. I have a few extra folding music stands so please ask if you need one.

    The instrument should not be kept in very cold or hot areas.  Occasionally, a string will break.  It can be replaced at a music store, or I may have an extra at school to replace it.  If the store cannot repair an instrument immediately, as for a “loaner” instrument.

    Most instrument cases look alike, so if your child puts a distinguishing trinket on the handle of the case (ex. Ribbon, gimp, good luck charm) he/she can identify the case easily.  Also be sure to label the case with their name.
    Since I travel between 4 buildings, the best way to reach me is by email (JDeminski@gvsd.org).  I am very much looking forward to teaching your child.  I will communicate through my website and by email about orchestra rehearsals and concert information.
    Mrs. Joy Deminski
    Elementary Strings & Orchestra
    Please do not purchase an instrument (Violin Shaped Object) online.  There are too many factors out of your and my control.  Read this article about what to watch out for!!!
    Helpful documents:
    Instrument Assignment Info - vendors and book name
    Care of Instrument and Bow
    Practice Log