• Alphabet Bang

    Beginning Phonics - Select a letter, listen to the beginning sound that you select and find the pictures that start with that letter.

    Find the letter - Audio provided; Rabbit names a letter for student to click on; feedback given for wrong response.

    Letterella - Meet the letters of the alphabet. Listen as Letterella sings each letter and pronounces each phoneme in words beginning with the letter.

    The Literacy Center - A great site for pre-K to first grade. Activities with colors, numbers, letters, shapes and words. Site translated in Spanish, Dutch, French and English. Also has a typing component in the Keyboard Section

    Beginning Phonics - Listen to the beginning sound that you select and find the pictures that start with that letter.

    Fishing for Phonics - Select a level and find the missing beginning or ending sound and drag the card into the missing space.

    Gus and Inky - A story with activities in it that asks the students to help them identify beginning sounds.

    Hedgie's Alphabet - Listen to the name of the picture and find the word that matches. This is a click and drag activity.

    Phonic Fighter - Click on the picture that starts with the letter shown.


    Animal Muddle - Listen to Foxy Dancer's animal rhyme at The Little Animals Activity Centre..

    Digby Mole's Rhyming Game - From Little Animals Activity Centre - start with level 1.

    Help Reggie Find the Rhyme - Many choices to select from. Click on the word that rhymes with the picture.

    Professor Garfield's Barn - Find rhyming words to match the animals.

    Rhyme-bot - Pick the word that rhymes with the robot's song - some reading required.

    Rhyming Words - Help Gus find rhymes to help him finish his song.

    Whirlyword machine - Spin any wheel and sound out the word.
    Math Games

    Crazy Patterning Machine- recognize repeating patterns by using shapes, letters and numbers.

    Pattern Detectives- identify and extend patterns in a variety of settings. Audio is used to assist non-readers

    Patterning- Check out Cookie; Cookie Monster has a line of groceries. What comes next?

    Patterning- What comes next?

    Patterning- Select a color, then select a shape and create your own pattern.

    Pattern Train- Build the railroad for the train by continuing the pattern. What comes next- [somewhat advanced] Click on the shape that comes next in the patterns