• Great Valley School District believes homework is an opportunity to support and enhance learning. Homework introduces, reinforces, or extends knowledge and skills learned in the classroom.


    Homework promotes learning related behaviors that lead to independence such as time management, responsibility, organization, self-advocacy, and inquiry. Homework gives the kids an opportunity to “show off” their genius:)

    L.A.-Use spelling words to create sentences and/or stories in homework journal. Use at least 5 words
    Math-Math Practice Book pages. 



    L.A.- Write ALL spelling words in ABC order in homework journal.
    Math-Math Practice Book pages.




    L.A- Spelling “Word Pop”. Write ALL spelling words and the first word that pops in your head when you think of the word. All Spelling work will be completed in your homework journal.

    Math-Math Practice Book pages.




    L.A.- Write ALL spelling words 1 time in homework journal.
    Math- Math Practice Book pages.


    FRIDAY-No Homework:-)





    Please remember to read a little bit every night. Keep track of the titles and number of minutes read. Students should return their reading log every Monday. Every time we read 100 hours as a class we will celebrate with an awesome reading celebration.







    Please work with your child in the completion of daily homework. The kids should return their work and Math Practice Book following day. Thanks!