Nurse's Notes

  • If you feel your student needs to take medication at school, please send the medication with the completed authorization form to the school nurse. This applies to all medications, over-the-counter as well as prescription medication. To help ensure the safety of all of our students here at Sugartown Elementary School, students are not permitted to carry medications on their person during the school day. All medications must be kept in the nurse’s suite.


    Click here  to visit the School Nurse’s webpages!

    Still need a flu shot?? If you have health insurance or the means to pay for a flu shot, please consider contacting your primary care physician or visit area clinics for your flu shot. If you do not have health insurance or the means to pay for a flu shot, you may contact the Chester County Health Department at 610-344-6252 to schedule an appointment. 


    Tips to prevent spreading the flu: Click here! 




    In an effort to help our school population stay healthy, if your child is not feeling well at home in the morning and you think they may need to see the nurse at school, please do not send them to school! I appreciate your help in promoting health in our school. Be well!




    The Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) is causing severe respiratory illness in children several states. Recently, Pennsylvania has identified several cases. Children who have asthma seem to have a higher risk for severe respiratory illness and we have to be diligent about preventing this illness.

     Symptoms of EV-D68 are cough, runny nose, sore throat, body/muscle aches and sometimes fever. This virus is spread by droplets (coughing/sneezing) and can be spread by contact with contaminated surfaces.

     The best prevention methods are frequent hand washing, keeping children home when they are sick, and contacting your child’s physician for any worsening illness.

     Please help in keeping our school community healthy! Thank you!



    Physical Information for Warwick Child Care Center:

    The school nurse is not permitted to copy medical information (physical exams and immunizations) for Warwick. This type of information is protected health information and only the parent may share the information with their child care center. Warwick Child Care is not part of the Sugartown Elementary education program and therefore the school nurse will not provide them with health information regarding our students.

    Parents may access immunizations in Skyward Family Access as the information is entered . Please consult your child’s physician for any health information needed for the child care center. Thank you.


    Head lice, also known as pediculosis, are occasional visitors to many schools.  Click here for information that may help you to understand how they are spread and what you can do to help prevent the spread of head lice. PLEASE, be sure to let your school nurse know if you find head lice or nits (the eggs) in your child’s hair!
    Thank you.

    It is extremely important that you notify your School Nurse if you discover that your child has head lice! This is the first step in controlling head lice in our school population. Click here for more information. Thank you! 

    Skyward Family Access: Student Health Information now available!!

    Skyward Family Access has a Health Information tab! You can view “tests” (hearing/vision/scoliosis), “physical” (height/weight), and “vaccinations”. Paper copies of the screening results will be sent to parents only if their student is referred for further testing. If you need a copy of your student’s vaccination record for day care or sports, you may now print this from the vaccination tab in your student’s health information screen.

    All information may not be entered into Skyward yet. We ask for your patience as we continue to update our records. Your student’s health information will be entered as the year progresses and it will then show on your student’s health information screen.

    Please contact your Certified School Nurse with any questions. Thank you.