•  Please express your understanding of the story you've read using one of the various methods.  If you would like to use a method that is not listed, please discuss with your teacher. 

    Access these sources on the school computers under Network Applications:
    • Kidspiration – Located in 1st Grade folder
    • Inspiration 8 – Located in 2-5 grade folders
    • Kidpix – Painting tool
    • Audacity – Create a voice Podcast
    • Photostory – Digital Story Telling:  First search and save pictures from the web into your student folder, that way you can insert them into Photo story afterwards.  Make sure when you save your story you click on the BROWSE button and save to your Student Number S: drive
    Access these sources on school computers under websites:
    • Comic Creator – (4th grade folder) Make a comic strip to tell a story
    • If you prefer drawing on paper, upload printable comic strips from the Resources section below.
    Feel free to open and PRINT the following worksheets below, to create your story through drawings.