Fourth Grade Overview


    Here are a few highlights of the Fourth Grade Experience...


    Science: We are continuing to integrate hands-on science kits into our curriculum.  The three main units of study are:

    • Electricity & Magnetism
    • Human Body
    • Earth Movements 

    Social Studies:

    • The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Branches of Government
    • Industrial Revolution
    • Westward Expansion
    • Slavery & The Civil War

    Students will receive instruction in 4th Grade Math using the Grade 4 Math in Focus: Singapore Math Curriculum Resources.  
    Topics included cover:
    • whole number and decimal place value to the millions
    • methods of estimation
    • multiplication and division of larger numbers
    • measurement in metric and standard units
    • addition & subtraction using fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals
    • geometry including angles, protractor use, composite figures, and area & perimeter
    • problem-solving strategies, including bar model use


    We are following the Reader's Workshop model, and will explore novels and passages from a variety of genres—fiction, non-fiction, mythology, poetry and biographies, as well as some anthology stories. This is an evolving curriculum.  Reading strategies and language skills will be emphasized throughout.  This year will also include an increased focus on Text-dependent Analysis (TDA), which involves writing about reading and thinking deeper about an aspect of a reading passage.  We are also continuing to utilize the Harcourt spelling program to focus on specific spelling patterns, and we will use the Wordly Wise vocabulary development program to challenge and enrich each student at his or her level.

    Writing: We are following the Writer's Workshop model, covering narrative, persuasive, and informational/nonfiction writing styles, to name a few.

    * Due to this year starting our virtually, the order of our curriculum may be slightly different.