• Remember to check with an adult before going on the web! 

    Quizlet!  Account is: krstnktng 

    Test your strategy against the computer in a rock-paper-scissors game illustrating basic statistics!
    *Want to try setting up and running your own lemonade stand?  Click here!
    Social Studies
    *Click here to find out interesting facts about our 50 states!
    *Read Time for Kids online!  Follow up on the stories we're learning about in class.
    *World Book Online is the online encyclopedia that we use here at school.  Check it out.
    *Looking for review of maps and map skills?  Click here.
    * Want to help a slave escape on the Underground Railroad?
    Language Arts
    * A great site to help you with your Wordly Wise vocabulary.  Click here for additional ways to study.
    *Here's a great site to help you study for your spelling test!
    *Let's practice figurative language with this great activity on idioms!
    * Do you want to create a comic book like Greg and Maura in the book, Lunch MoneyTry this site!
    * Do you like poetry?  If so, check out this site!


    *A whole page of links to help you practice your math concepts.