Homework and Classroom Updates!


    Check this page for updates on classroom assignments and activities!

    We will also write homework down in our assignment books.



    Parents, if you would like to come in as a mystery reader, please let me know.  I am looking for another few parents that would like to read in November and December.  


    Monday, Nov. 11: 

    1. Read 15 minutes or more.  Finish the book group assignment your group choose for tomorrow. 
    2. Dreambox 15 minutes or more.
    3. Happy Veterans Day! (Optional) Interview a Veteran you know in the next few days, if you haven't yet.  Share what you learn with the class.  

    Tuesday, Nov. 12:

    1. Read 15 minutes or more.
    2. Math homework page.
    3. Math Quiz on single digit multiplication tomorrow. 

    Wednesday, Nov. 13:

    1. Read 15 minutes or more. 
    2. Science Quiz on erosion and deposition tomorrow.  Erosion and Deposition Study Guide

    Thursday, Nov. 14:

    1. Read 15 minutes or more.
    2. Spelling Test 5 tomorrow.  Spelling Unit 5
    3. (Optional) Scholastic Book Orders due tomorrow.

    Friday, Nov. 15:

    1. Have an awesome weekend! 
    2. Science Review Quiz next week on the Land and Water Unit. Land and Water Unit Review Study Guide
    3. Math - We will probably have a short quiz on single digit division next week.


    Dates and Events:


    Nov. 12 - Author Jack Gantos visits GWES!

    Nov. 21 - Kindergarten play

    Nov. 25 - Marking period 1 ends

    Nov. 27-29 - No School!  Thanksgiving Break!

    Current Units of Study:

    Reading: Character Studies

    Writing: Persuasive and Opinion Writing

    Science: Land and Water: Erosion and Deposition

    Math: Multiplication and Division (Ch. 6)




    • Expeditions - If you find any new connections to what we are learning about in class, feel free to share.  We have looked at Water, Hydrology, the Water Cycle, and some other places like glaciers in Greenland and canyons in Egypt to see good examples of how wind, water, and ice have eroded the land.