• Reflections of Caesar Research

    Step #1: Log in to Noodletools
    noodle tools
    1. Click "noodletools"
    2. Click "log in"
    3. Click ORANGE Office 365 button
    4. Log in with your GV school account
    5. Click "new project"
    6. Title the project, select "MLA", select "advanced"
    Step #2: Search for your person in Worldbook
    Xi Jingpin does not have an article in World Book. If you've chosen Xi Jingpin, please search him on 
    Step #3: Search for your person in Worldbook  
    Cite your Worldbook article in Noodletools
    1. Scroll to bottom of page
    2. highlight and copy the MLA citation
    3. Go to Noodletools
    4. Click "add source"
    5. Click "database"
    6. Click "reference source"
    7. Click "quick cite" - "copy and paste a citation"
    8. Click into the large white box and paste the MLA citation
    9. Click "save"
    Step #4: Read article & take notes  
    Create notecards in Noodletools
    Create 2-3 notecards per source
    Step #5: Find Your Second Source
    Search one of the databases below to find your second source.
    Cite your second source in noodletools
    Create 2-3 notecards for your second source   
    Citing "free web" Sources
    You must add "free web" sources to Noodletools manually. There are no shortcuts when citing "free web" sources.
    1. Click "add source"
    2. Click "website"
    3. Click "web page"
    4. Fill out as many white boxes as possible
      1. If you cannot fill out a white box, leave it blank
    5. Click Submit

    You can view examples and screenshots here

    Evaluating "free web" Sources
    You must evaluate sources found on the "free web" to ensure those sources are reliable.
    1. First you must identify the source
      1. Look in top left of screen for website name
      2. Look near top of source for author name
    2. Next you must research the website name and/or author name to determine if they have authority on the topic
      1. Go to the site's "about us" page to see who/what they are
        1. Are they selling a product? Trying to educate people? Advocating for something?
      2. Go to www.mediabiasfactcheck.com or  wikipedia.org to search the website name
      3. Google author, look for their qualifications