PickUp Patrol - Notification App for Families

  • GVSD elementary parents are asked to begin using an app called PICKUP PATROL (PUP) to report changes to their child’s regular dismissal plan. PUP should also be used to report student absence, or to notify the school about a late arrival. Instead of having to call the office or send an email, a guardian can let us know quickly, right from their computer, phone or mobile device.  Pick Up Patrol is also the preferred method for notifying the school about changes to your student's dismissal plan in the event of an early closing due to weather or other emergencies. 

    What is PickUp Patrol?

    PickUp Patrol is a secure web app that eliminates the need for you to send notes, write emails, or call the school to change your student’s dismissal plans. From a smartphone or a computer, you can make plan changes anytime, anywhere—days, weeks, or even months in advance. It's simple and convenient to use—but most importantly, it helps your school manage student arrival and departure information accurately and efficiently to help keep your students safe.

    How do I get the free PickUp Patrol App?

    • Note that the PUP app is not accessed through app stores. 

    • Please contact your school office so that an email can be sent to you that includes sign-up information for your family.

    Can I begin using the app right away?

    • IMPORTANT: Once registration is complete, log into your PUP account to confirm your child’s default dismissal plan. The default plan is what the child normally does at the end of the school day. For example, rides the bus, goes to after care, etc. This is a critical step. 

    • Whenever you have a change to the student’s default plan, use the PUP app to let us know of the change at any time during the day up to 2:30 p.m. The school will be notified, and the change will be communicated to the teacher, who will share information with your child. (In the event of an early school closing, changes to the dismissal plan must be communicated prior to 11 a.m.)

    Can I use one account for all my elementary students?

    • As long as your email address is the same for all your children, you will only need one PickUp Patrol account. 

    For more information and answers to other frequently asked questions, please visit the PickUP Patrol Parent FAQ page