• Dear Sugartown Families,

    This school year we are kicking off a school-wide intervention known as PBIS or Positive Behavior Intervention Supports. PBIS is all about encouraging students to make positive choices when it comes to their learning, choices and attitudes. Here at Sugartown we want our students to follow specific expectations in different settings to help keep school safe.

    As you know, Sugartown values the Pillars of Character. This year we are narrowing down and focusing closely on respect, personal safety and kindness. Teachers will be discussing these topics during regular morning meetings, classroom lessons, daily activities and so forth. They will be referencing the "Spot" books shown below if you would like to reinforce the same language at home. 

    We have also implemented a new voice volume system where students are expected to have a certain voice level in different areas, such as a level 0 in the hallway and up to level 2 when talking during lunch. 

    What is most exciting about PBIS is that all students will be rewarded for their positive choices! Each classroom will have unlimited opportunities to earn “ cubes”. Students can earn cubes individually or as a class and they can earn cubes from every single adult in the building. Each classroom will have the autonomy to work towards earning specific classroom rewards based on teacher discretion, such as extra recess, pajama day, lunch with the teacher, and so forth.

    In addition to this, not only will classrooms strive to earn rewards for making positive choices related to respect, responsibility and kindness, but each classroom will be adding their bucket of cubes in a school-wide bucket each Friday.From here, our entire school will work to earn bigger rewards, such as music during lunch, chalk the sidewalk, extra recess, and so forth.

    We are extremely excited about rolling out PBIS this year and hope your family becomes involved in using similar guidelines and language use at home. 

    If you are interested in learning more about our new PBIS program, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or me if you have any questions regarding PBIS.