• Role of the Counselor

    Role of the Counselor

    School Counselors value autonomy, provide safe spaces and respect student confidentiality. The Counselor balances providing students with a place to speak freely while collaborating and relaying essential information to families.

    School Counselors are an integral part of each school day and provide support in a variety of ways. Students will often see the Counselor...
    o  upon arrival and at dismissal
    o in the hallway
    o during morning meetings
    o during classroom activities
    o in the cafeteria
    o on the playground
    o in the counseling office
    o during school events

    The American School Counselor Association provides guidance for School Counselors across the nation in regards to Ethical and Legal obligations as well as roles and responsibilities.

    At Sugartown Elementary, the School Counselor provides the following services.

    o    Individual student support.
    o    Peer mediation.
    o    Conflict resolution.
    o    Small groups to enhance the development of specific skillsets.
    o Lunch bunches 
    o    Developmental Guidance Lessons to all grade levels. 
    o    Consultation with parents, guardians, and staff members.
    o    Crisis intervention and school safety.
    o    Student Behavioral Support.
    o    Career Education.
    o    504 Plans for students with disabilities and impairments. 
    o    Support and intervention for students with Individual Education Plans. 
    o    Intervention support to the Child Study Team. 
    o    Support in the Student Assistance Program.
    o    Assistance with school wide events. 
    o    Assistance with attendance. 
    o    Assistance accessing essential resources in the community.
    o    Support with student transitions between grade levels and buildings.
    o    Assistance with the coordination of referrals to outside agencies.
    o    Coordination of efforts with other school specialists including but not limited to special education teachers, nurses speech pathologists, social workers. etc.

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