• Makerspace Tutorial:

    How to make a scarf with the Easy Loom

    One of the makerspace options we have in the library is yarn and supplies for knitting, crocheting, and embroidery. One of the tools we have is called an Easy Loom. We have both Scarf Easy Looms and Hat Easy Looms. These make it extremely easy for anyone to hand knit their own scarf or knit hat! Below is a tutorial on how to use the Easy Scarf Loom and two links to more in-depth youtube video tutorials you might also enjoy.

    Click on the wording below, next to the video, which says "Loom Scarf Tutorial" to view the video tutorial I made.

    You might also like to view these two videos on youtube, which show the steps in far greater detail than my tutorial. you can find the two youtube videos below, underneath my tutorial video.