AP Exams

  • REGISTERING FOR AP EXAMS (TBD)  AP exam schedule will be posted here

    REGISTER FOR ALL EXAMS ONLINE AT https://user.totalregistration.net/AP/392363

    • The AP Program requires all schools to submit their AP Exam order by November 15th.
    • See Registration Instructions for more details.
    • Cost per exam is $100 and will be submitted online through Total Registration
    • There is a $40 late charge for each exam order submitted after the registration deadline.
    • Total Registration will send you a confirmation email that also prompts you to go into the AP classroom with your join code and register for the exam. You DO NOT need to take this step.  You have already joined the AP classroom and we take care of ordering the exams.

    Be sure to save your login information after you register.


    • Fee reductions and waivers are available for qualifying families.
    • If you qualify for free or reduced lunch or think you may qualify for a fee reduction, indicate that in the appropriate place when you are completing your online registration.


    • You must have applied and been approved for testing accommodations with the CollegeBoard in order to receive extended time or any other testing accommodation for AP Exams.
    • If you have been approved for any testing accommodation(s) by the CollegeBoard and plan to use your accommodation when taking your AP exam(s) you will be required to enter your SSD eligibility number online when registering.


    • Testing begins at 8am or 12noon.
    • Check the exam schedule that is included in your registration packet for details.