Homework Cat
  • READING: Each month I will hand out a reading log for the students to complete. Students should be reading their “Just Right” books every night for at least 25 minutes. If the students complete the monthly reading logs and hand them in at the end of each month, they will get a chance to pick out of my prize bin!

    MATH: Students should be spending at least 20 minutes every night on Dreambox or SplashLearn on their iPad. I will also be incorporating a “Multiplication Masters” chart in my room. Students will have the opportunity to check out a set of my multiplication fact flash cards to bring home with them for the week. Every night the student should practice these facts with a parent/guardian, sibling, friend, etc. to check that they are getting the correct answer. At the end of the week, I will present the student with the math facts they were practicing that week and if they are able to answer each fact correctly they will become a “Master” of that fact! My hope is the student will become a “Master” at all of their multiplication facts 😊

    PHONICS: I will assign a Just Words Choice Board spelling page at the beginning of each Unit of the program. The students will be given about 2 weeks to complete the Choice Board. The Choice Board will be sent with pages attached to complete some of the choices on the sheet. Students will utilize Spelling City to complete parts of the choice board. https://www.spellingcity.com/users/slrobinson2021