• The Food & Nutrition Services Garden

    In February 2009, the Food & Nutrition Services Garden committee was established to create a garden to grow our own produce to be utilized in our National School Breakfast and Lunch Program for our students.

    Through grant funding, the Food & Nutrition Services Department has been able to continue to grow and expand the garden each year. The Chester County Food Bank has been an integral part in helping us build our high tunnel and provides seeds and seedlings to supplement the seedlings grown by our students in the classroom. The high tunnel allows us to extend our growing season into late fall and early spring giving us the opportunity to supplement all our cafeterias with "school grown" lettuce and veggies for most of the year. The garden supplies our cafeterias with ingredients for our Pop-Up Farmer’s Market Taste Test recipes which we feature in the cafeterias during growing seasons. 

    By encouraging and supporting a garden, we create opportunities for our children to discover fresh food, make healthier food choices, and become better nourished. School garden projects nurture community spirit, a common purpose, and cultural appreciation by building bridges among students, school staff, families, local businesses, and organizations.

    We are always looking for volunteers, if you are interested in helping with the garden please join our garden committee by emailing Kelsey Gartner at KLGartner@gvsd.org to be added to the mailing list.