Subcommittee Goals

  • Subcommittee work will focus on four areas: climate, curriculum, hiring, and community outreach. In the first year (2020-2021), the subcommittees will work on identified goals. 


    • Provide professional development to District staff regarding cultural awareness and unconscious bias.
    • Identify survey to distribute to students and staff at various levels regarding equity and belonging in GVSD.


    • Perform a curricular audit of materials and resources related to Social Studies (to begin) this year.
    • Create a feedback loop to the Department of Teaching and Learning regarding curriculum and programming.


    • Create a plan regarding recruitment and retention. 
    • Institute a robust mentoring program.
    • Create partnerships with culturally diverse colleges and universities.


    • Enhance the CDI website.
    • Create a baseline inventory of events in each building that highlight/celebrate diverse populations.
    • Identify events in each building that may create or highlight inequities among the student/staff population.
    • Form/facilitate focus groups to better understand and address the needs identified in climate survey.