Welcome to Sports Specific Training! 

    Who this class is for: 

    This class is for any student athlete who is passionate about one or more sports or recreational activities and would like to improve performance in that activity. Students DO NOT need to be on a varsity or junior varsity GVHS team to take this class. 

    In this class, students will: 

    • Improve skills specific to their sport both in and out of season

    • Use reflection skills to identify areas of growth within a specific sport

    • Create a goal to help improve skills and performance 

    • Idenfity a variety of drills to help hone sport specific skills

    • Understand how to use strength and cardiovascular equipement for improving performance and decreasing injury 

    • Analyze and address offensive/defensive strategies

    • Address performance suggestions and plans given by individual coaches

    • Reflect on the efficacy of reaching self-designed performance goal