• Welcome to General Physical Education!

    Who is this class for: 

    • ANY student who is interested in trying new activties OR currently holds a solid skill set in one or more sports/activities


    • This class tends to be very diverse in student age, grade level, and ability


    Students Will be Able To: 

    • Identify and apply skills related to various net/wall games such as volleyball, badminton, tennis, and pickleball

    • Identify and apply skills related to various invasion games such as soccer, basketball, football, ultimate frisbee, floor hockey

    • Analyze individual contributions to various team settings in non-traditional activities such as rock climbing, omnikinball, and adventure-based content

    • Safely and effectively utlize various strength and cardiovascular training equipment

    • Apply collaboration skills within a sports context

    • Reflect on different styles of communication as they relate to team-based settings