• Alternative Physical Education

    Below you will find information to help inform you of the requirements for alternative physical education. This page provides an overview of alternative physical education so please refer to the connected pages for information on applying, verifying, and common errors associated with the process. 

    What is Alternative Physical Education?

    Alternative Physical Education (ALT PE) allows high school students to participate in alternate activities to be applied toward the GVSD’s physical education requirements.

    Examples of these activities include, but are not limited to, varsity/junior varsity sports, marching band, color guard, or other activities, not sponsored by Great Valley High School, but approved by Great Valley.

    How many physical education credits are available through ALT PE?

    Students can earn .25 credits toward their 1.5 credit graduation requirement with each semester of ALT PE.

    Please be aware that credit earned in alternative physical education DOES NOT count toward a student’s GPA. Conversely, grades earned in traditional physical education classes DO count towards the student’s GPA.

    Are students required to take this class, or can they take a traditional PE class?

    ALT PE is not mandatory. Students may take either alternative or traditional physical education classes.