Who is included in the COVID-19 case count?

    • Students or staff who have been in school, in-person, at least one day per week within the last 14 days. Students and staff who are fully virtual are not included unless they are participants in athletics or extracurricular activities that place them physically on school property.
    • Staff includes GVSD or contracted staff assigned to that building.
    • Staff members who work in multiple buildings will be listed in each building for counting purposes.
    • Cases are reported on the chart on the last day the student or staff member was physically present in a school or non-school building (District Office, warehouse, etc.) Note that this date may be different than the day a notification letter was sent.

Criteria for Counting

    • A COVID-19 case is known to us because it has been reported to the district by the individual or the Chester County Health Department (CCHD).
    • A COVID-19 case reported on the dashboard is a case that has been confirmed through a lab test or is considered to be a presumed positive by the Chester County Health Department and/or medical provider.
    • Individuals who are quarantining or isolating and have not been tested are not counted in the number of positive cases.
    • Cases appear on the dashboard as the reporting form is submitted.
    • The Chester County Health Department defines the following:
      • Confirmed cases are those confirmed through an approved laboratory test.
      • Probable cases are those that have COVID-like symptoms, and are a close contact to a confirmed or probable COVID case (epi linked).