Naviance- Parent Quick Reference Guide




    • Junior Summer Letter (to be emailed Aug 2023)
    • Virtual Practice ACT or SAT test (September in the morning- TBA); offered by Revolution Prep; registration information will be emailed
    • Financial Aid Overview open to all students/ parents/ guardians; (September); financial aid office representative will provide an overview of the financial aid process and terms; program held virtually; look for email invite.
    • PSAT at GVHS (October); 10th & 11th grade students only; students must be present in school on test date; no make-up date allowed; tests have been ordered for all 10th/11th grade students; NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED.
      • College Admissions Panel 10th & 11th grade students/ parents/ guardians-  college admissions representatives will share information about admissions criteria, the application process/ timeline and answer general questions; program held virtually; look for email invite.
      • College Planning Overview and Q&A with Counselors 11th grade students/ parents/ guardians; counselors will offer general college planning and timeline information (good for first time families or those who want to refresh) and answer broad questions; program held virtually; look for email invite
    • COLLEGE REP VISITS: Sign up in NAVIANCE to meet with college reps visiting GVHS in the fall. Look for emails/updates in student bulletin for colleges visiting. Reps visit in person and may visit via zoom as well.
    • Financial Aid Resources click here ; also see Announcements page
    • JUNIOR MEETING (November):  Juniors meet with their counselors individually (parents/guardians are encouraged to attend); parents call the counseling office to schedule this meeting
    • Counseling Evening Hours:  by appointment only; call 610-889-1918 to schedule 
    • Naviance Overview & College Admissions Factors  for 10th & 11th grade students/ parents/ guardians; Counselors will demonstrate Naviance features and provide information related to college admissions; program offered virtually; look for email invite.
    • College Admissions Testing (open to all high school students/ families);  local test prep company will explain college admissions testing- differences, timeline, and other factors; program held virtually; look for email.
    • TCHS rising Seniors Only Programs 


    • Register for SAT collegeboard.org & ACT actstudent.org  
    • SAT 22-23 TEST DATES; ACT 22-23 TEST DATES
    • Virtual Practice ACT or SAT test (TBA); offered by Revolution Prep; registration information will be emailed
    • Visit colleges / vocational schools over spring break.
    • Ask your teacher(s) in person to write a letter of recommendation. Teachers are not required to write them, so he/she may decline your request, especially if several students have already asked or they feel they cannot write a strong letter.
    • If your teacher agrees to write a letter, complete the GVHS Teacher Letter of Recommendation  form* and either email it or hand it to him/her in person. Your teacher may want to meet with you to discuss the recommendation, so be prepared. 
    • GVHS COUNSELOR Letter of Recommendation form
    • Do not ask more teachers than necessary. Each college specifies how many teacher recommendation letters they require (usually two).  Colleges request that letters remain confidential, so you should waive your right to access them.
    • Student Instructions for Requesting Teacher Letters of Recommendation
    • Complete the College Essay  See announcements for recording. (Thurs, May 18th, 7pm); (11th grade students/families): a local writing coach will provide guidance around application essay writing; program held virtually; look for email.
    • Develop a resume of your clubs, sports and outside activities.
    • Investigate / enroll in summer opportunities in your area of interest.
    • NCAA (Division I or II athletics) click for details
    • Attend College Fairs- check online for opportunities