Naviance- Parent Quick Reference Guide

    Class of 2023 CHEAT SHEET for College Applications

    Senior Night Zoom Presentation

    SUMMER (rising seniors):


    • GV Application Submissions Process + Q&A with counselors; 12th grade student/ parents /guardians (Sept 7, 7pm); counselors will answer broad application and college related questions while providing details around the processes and deadlines; program held virtually; look for email invite.
    • Virtual Practice ACT or SAT test (Saturday, Sept 10 in the morning- TBA); offered by Revolution Prep; registration information will be emailed.
    • Completing the College Essay; 12th grade students/ parents/ guardians (Sept 15, 7pm); local writing coach to provide guidance around application essay writing; program offered virtually;  look for email invite 
    • Please review the college “To Do List” on the homepage of Naviance for information on how to request and submit all documents be sent to your schools
    • Financial Aid Overview open to all students/ parents/ guardians; (Sept 22, 7pm); financial aid office representative will provide an overview of the financial aid process and terms; program held virtually; look for email invite.
    • SENIOR MEETING with your counselor (Sept/ early Oct); automatically scheduled; before meeting complete & submit Request for Letter of Recommendation Counselor Form 
    • GVHS Recommendation Letter Follow-Up Form** (1st 2 weeks of school) When applying to colleges, give your teacher this completed form; provided you made the request in the spring of your junior year, teachers will make every effort to upload your recommendation to Naviance no later than October 15; Teachers use our NACAC (National Association of College Admissions Counselors) approved online form, so there is no need to give your teacher(s) a college-specific form, unless the school requires one.
    • Individual FAFSA Completion Assistance- by appointment only- (Nov 14 & Nov 21); (12th grade student/ parents/ guardians); families will meet with a representative from PHEAA to receive individualized assistance in completing the FAFSA. Appointments held virtually. 
    • College Admissions Testing RECORDING (open to all high school students/ families); (Jan 26, 7pm); local test prep company will explain college admissions testing- differences, timeline, and other factors; program held virtually; look for email.
    • Students who are using the Common App for applications must complete the recommendation waiver form in Naviance: Go to the “colleges” tab, select “colleges I’m applying to” and complete the waiver in the blue-shaded box.  You must use your Common App username and password for this waiver, not your Naviance username and password.
    • RECORDS RELEASE AUTHORIZATION FORM REQUIRED (submit to Counseling Office; gives GVHS permission to send transcripts/records to colleges)
    • OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM REQUIRED (in NAVIANCE) click here for detailed instructionsProcess for requesting official transcripts in Naviance (Seniors Only) powerpoint
    • Confirm transcript request is successful in NAVIANCE “Colleges I’m Applying To”; should say REQUESTED next to each school
    • SAT/ACT scores: STUDENTS request from and/or; process can take up to 2-3 weeks. click here for more details
    • COLLEGE REP VISITS: College reps visit GVHS in the fall (Look for emails/updates in student bulletin; sign up in NAVIANCE)
    • NCAA (Division I or II athletics)- request that counseling sends your transcript to NCAA and arrange for your SAT/ACT scores to be sent to NCAA. Click here for more NCAA details


    • Follow deadlines & requirements for colleges you apply to
    • Notify colleges of your decisions (yes and no) by their deadlines 
    • Sign up for AP exams; contact to request AP scores are sent to college you will attend if desired; exams are given in May
    • LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS (list/applications posted approx. March 1)- scholarships worth hundreds/thousands of $$$ offered to GVHS Seniors specifically; look for email announcements; application deadline Thurs, March 30, 2023 before 3:30pm; no late applications accepted
    • GENERAL SCHOLARSHIPS found via web searches & in NAVIANCE; rolling deadlines.
    • It is common courtesy to follow up with a thank-you note to your teacher and to update him/her on your college decision.
    • FINAL TRANSCRIPTS to colleges are sent automatically based on info entered in Senior Survey