Back to School Night PPT 2021 (This will be updated in September 2022)


    Activities to do Together
    Language Arts:
    • Read to your child and have your child read to you
    • Look for patterns in words
    • Use TV to: Identify story problems, predict outcomes, talk about characters' feelings and how they may change, identify cause and effect, and identify how a problem was solved
    • Help your child learn to ask, "Do you spell _____?", rather than "How do you spell _____?"
    • Students should keep a journal at least three times per week (small moments)
    • Ask how an answer was found
    • Practice math facts
    • Use manipulatives
    • Practice doubles (use them to figure out other problems 3+3, 3+4, 3+2, etc)
    • Fact families
    • Read math storybooks to make connections to LA
    • Model your own thinking aloud when working with your child
    Social Studies/Science:
    • Enrichment at home through library, discussion, and family projects
    • Keep a weather journal
    • Plant a seed and watch it GROW
    • As a family, plan for parties and trips, delegate jobs