• Below are the current apps that we will use this year.  They should already be on your child's iPad.


    Seesaw will be used by the students

    to complete activites assigned by me in thier Seesaw Journal.


    • Username - email address (first initial + last name + 33@student.gvsd.org)
    • Password (Ct + lunch number)
    • Ex: dgronwaldt32@student.gvsd.org; Ct330123



    Epic is a digital booksite that the students will use to access

    digital books for reading assignments as well as reading for fun. 

    Our Epic Code:  gsv3148




    Dreambox is a Math Site that the students will use

    to continue to grow their math skills.  It is reccommended

    that the students spend 20 minutes 3X a week on Dreambox. 

    for continued math work. 

    • School Code (mvmd/sky4)
    • Username - first name + last initial
    • Password - lunch number 
    • Ex: donnag ; 320123