• Writer's Workshop

    Unit 1: Launching the Writer's Workshop

    In Unit 1, during the Launching Unit we teach children about the structures and expectations of the workshop so that even early on they can carry on with independence. Writers are taught to approach writing through multiple means – drawing, labeling, and oral expression.
    Please know that each child will travel this developmental journey at his/her own pace.

    Skills and Strategies Taught (What it looks and sounds like!):                                                                                                            • Writers think of topics that they care about and are important to them.
    • Writers tell stories through drawings, labels, and oral expressions.
    • Writers write the sounds they hear in words to write the words the best they can.


    Unit 2: Looking Closely

    In Unit 2, children will be observing, collecting, studying, and writing about things in their world. 
    Skills and Strategies Taught (What it looks and sounds like!):
    • Writers are exact in drawing and labeling their object.
    • Writers add a sentence or two to describe what they see or feel and zoom in with close up drawings.
    • Writers write in a pattern to describe their object.
    • Writers look again and again to find details they may have missed.


    Unit 3: Telling and Writing Stories

    In Unit 3, writers will be layering their learning from the launching unit. Here they will record their story across several
    pages and will move onto writing sentences that matches the drawings.

    Skills and Strategies Taught (What it looks and sounds like!):
    • Writers take moments of their lives and stretch them across pages.
    • Writers write words by saying the word slowly, stretching the word out, and writing the sounds they hear.
    • Writers add details to their stories such as where they were, who they were with, and what they were doing.


    Unit 4: How-To Writing

    In Unit 4, the writers will learn that they can use writing to teach others how to do something. 

    Skills and Strategies Taught (What it looks and sounds like!):
    • Writers identify something they can teach others.
    • Writers write books with a specific sequence of steps that they want the reader to take. They use time ordered words such as first, next, then, and last.